RM&C Business Consulting 

Here at RM&C Associates we offer the highest quality services altered the suit the needs of your business. We understand how stressful running a business can be, and how important these businesses are to our clients, and RM&C Associates believe that a strong accounting creates strong businesses. Our team aims to provide accounting that helps to reduce the stresses of running a business rather than adding to them, and ensure your business is operating at optimum capacity. 

Our services include:

  • Tax Planning and advice
  • Preparation of financial statements and income tax returns
    for various business structures including: trusts, companies,
    partnerships and joint ventures.
  • Preparation of indirect tax returns such as payroll tax and
    fringe benefits tax
  • Preparation of Income Activity Statements and Business
    Activity Statements
  • Liaising with Statutory Bodies including ATO on behalf of clients.
  • Assistance with statutory registrations including Workcover, ATO registrations and State Revenue Office registrations for Payroll Tax.
  • Setting Up and Changing of Business Structures.
  • Managing Issues with Related Company Loans and Director Loans.
  • Bookkeeping Services. 

The Business of Strategy

Strategy is not just a buzz word at RM&C Associates, but the core of our ethos about successful business management. We pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to business strategy and have the qualifications to prove it.

At RM&C we know what it takes to pull ahead of the competition or mood your business to be flexible in the face of an ever-changing market. Growth and expansion is at the heart of the vision we have for all our businesses, and we dedicated to crafting tailored business plans that innovate in the face of stagnation to create businesses that succeed not only in the short term but long term also. 

RM&C Associates is devoted to putting in our time, talent and initiative into creating unprecedented transformation for each and every one of our clients that is tailored to their goals to give them the industry advantage they’re looking for. Our mission is to tackle all issues facing your business, both great and small, and our consultation team will unlock insights to challenge the status quo in order to reinvent and reinvigorate your business strategy.